Watch Lost Springs [Full Film]

An Artist’s Journey into Florida’s Abandoned Springs

With thanks and dedication to Marjorie Harris Carr and all the brave folks fighting for what is just plain right.

Major funding provided by The Felburn Foundation.
Additional funding provided by AQUIFERious, Florida Defenders of the Environment​, St. Johns Riverkeeper​, Silver Springs Alliance​, Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute​ Putnam County Environmental Council​

Special thanks to Matheson History Museum​, Harn Museum of Art​, University of North Florida​, The Lufrano Intercultural Gallery, MOCA Jacksonville​, Sequential Artists Workshop​

For a wild and free Ocklawaha.


  1. The dam created the most beautiful ecological impoundment in the United States. It’s home to many endangered birds and wildlife. Rodman is one of the best bass fisheries in America. Used by thousands of fishermen, kayakers, vacationers etc. I saw eagles, alligators, manatees and more the last Time I was there.! Old Florida is going away. This is old Florida at its best. You can’t experience this any where else. If you pull the dam it will hurt the area economically and create nothing but a mud hole. Hopefully this beautiful place will be left alone. The vegetation is a filter fort he water going into the saint water samples are taken regularly. Hopefully this wonderland will be there for many generations to enjoy.

  2. Hello – I was disappointed to see that the Lost Springs video is not available on the website. Is there another access? Can it be put back up? Thanks.

    1. Hi there, I apologize for the lapse in accessing the video through vimeo. The video is hosted on YouTube and can be watched there at anytime. I have also fixed the links and am working to “shore up” the website so everything can be viewed here again. Thank you for the interest!

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